IJTAG Consulting Services


Focused on helping make your IP compliant and any IJTAG related custom work required to optimize your IJTAG solution.


  • Supports IJTAG-1687 and IJTAG-1149.1-2013

  • Leverages Internal Software to generate IP level ICL and PDL

  • Develop Customer Custom models for IJTAG

  • Retrofits legacy past designs into IJTAG flows

  • Generate IJTAG automated flows

  • Generate Chip Level Patterns for ATE or Board Test

  • Supporting Third Party IP such as DDR, Serdes, Memory, ARM, and more.


Leveraging over 15 years of DFT consulting on your IJTAG related challenges. Senior engineers that know and understands IJTAG networks and architectures. Making IJTAG work on your custom IP and mixed signal designs. Interfacing to other flows and EDA tools.