SAJESM - JTN Overview


SAJE JTNTM is an interactive network viewer and pattern generation tool supporting both IEEE 1687(IJTAG) and IEEE 1149.1-2013 standards. Allowing the user to read in standard patterns from each embedded Intellectual Property (IP) in the architecture and generate chip level patterns that can be used for simulation, ATE, Board, and more.


* Supports IJTAG (IEEE 1687)

* Supports IEEE 1149.1-2013 embedded IP

* Reads in IP level PDL

* Reads in ICL or BSDL for network information

* Auto Generates IJTAG (1687) Network

* Auto Generates 1149.1-2013 Network

* User selectable/enable IP for ATPG

* User selectable tests per IP

* User selectable Serial or Parallel patterns

* Supported format outputs including SVF Patterns output for Board or System Test

* Both Linux and Windows platforms are supported


Interactive with an intuitive user interface, JTNTM takes out the complexity of the user having to understand the network or how to get to the IP interface from the chip pins. This enables the user to simply select which embedded IP(s) are to be targeted for test.


JTNTM can be used as a stand alone tool or can be used in concert with any other compliant EDA tool.  JTNTM can be used with JTVTM and JTDTM to provide the patterns to be verified by simulation, and also validated and debugged on hardware.


JTNTM analyzes the network to identify how to control the network during test to create an optimal test suite.


In IJTAG (1687) mode, JTNTM reads in the network structure using Instrument Connectivity Language (ICL) and reads in the IP level pattern(s) with the Procedural Description Language (PDL). In 1149.1-2013 mode, JTN reads in the network structure using the BSDL and package file and reads in the IP level pattern(s) with the Procedural Description Language (PDL).


JTN also has a hierarchical browser to allow the user to quickly and easily understand the types of IP in the network, search and select IP based on name or type and much more.



* NOTE - JTN only addresses embedded IP access pattern generation. All other IEEE 1149.1-2013 features are supported by JTVTM