Design For Test (DFT) Services - Education

DFT Classes, Educational Services, and DFT JUMP START Training

  • DFT Basics I - This one day class is targeted to engineers or managers who are not familiar with DFT techniques and theory. This class explains the most common DFT techniques and how and why they are used.
  • DFT Economics I - This 1/2 day class is targeted to middle and upper management or decision makers on how to lower overall cost. Cost modeling and the economics of DFT are discussed. The pros and cons of different DFT techniques are explored and explained.
  • DFT for Designers I - This one day class is targeted at RTL, Architectural, and Verification design engineers. It introduces common DFT techniques. Most of the class material concentrates on DFT rules and guidelines. What to do and what not to do to obtain a good DFT friendly design. The class also covers equivalent types of coding styles and which ones are DFT friendly and why.
  • IEEE 1149.6- This one day class is targeted to engineers specifically on implementing and understanding 1149.6 techniques and theory.
  • IEEE 1149.1 - This one day class is targeted to engineers specifically on all aspects of implementing and understanding JTAG techniques and theory.

* Most DFT issues during the implementation can be avoided with the proper DFT education.
* A class can be developed to be customized to your specific companies needs and requirements.
* A jump start class explains the techniques and methodology to be used by that customer. It then uses a design supplied by the customer to demonstrate the DFT technique(s) with the software and flow of the customer.