SAJESM - JTS Overview

SAJE JTSTM uses a standards driven approach and creates all the structures to fully support IJTAG. Seemlessly integates your IP automatically into a user controllable IJTAG network.

  • Supports IJTAG (1687) and 1149.1-2013 IJTAG Features

  • Semantic, Syntax Checking, and Compliance checking

  • Inserts IJTAG Compliant Structures

  • User Selectable Sibs & Network configurations

  • Automatically Connects & Integrated IJTAG IP

  • Generates Chip Level ICL

  • Wraps existing IP to make IJTAG friendly (Optional)

  • Inserts IP security (Optional)

  • Complements all custom or EDA based Compliant IJTAG flows


SAJE JTS provides an easy way to quickly and efficiently add IJTAG or JTAG to your design. Use a pre-existing JTAG controller or have JTS add one with your IJTAG network. This easy to use tool allow the user control and flexibility of the IJTAG configuration.